Following the N.A.T.D syllabus classes are designed to develop the skills and technique of classical ballet. Ballet is the foundation of most forms of dance This discipline will help to strengthen the core and encourage good posture. Through the graceful movements the dancer will develop co-ordination and increase flexibility.

Once the individual has obtained the skills needed “Pointe work” will be introduced.
We aim to develop the dancer as an artist and create a passion for dance.


Modern is designed to develop strength, style, performance and presentational skills necessary to the dancer. It demonstrates how to isolate different parts of the body in order to define a movement. The N.A.T.D syllabus will explore many different styles of modern dance learning routines performed to your favourite pop tracks.


Tap is a fun filled class to really get those feet moving. It is an expressive form of dance. The N.A.T.D syllabus begins with basic steps developing rhythm and timing as the individual progresses through the grades. The dancer will enjoy exploring sounds that can be made whilst using different parts of the foot to strike the floor.

Tap is often characterised by syncopation and improvisation danced with or without music.

Mini Melodies

Mini Melodies is a friendly, fun and interactive class. It combines music, singing and movement. We use visual aids such as: puppets, instruments, parachutes and bubbles. Parents are encouraged to join in with their children to get the most out of each session. Our class will help your child develop co-ordination, confidence and social interaction. The class is suited to children ages 0-4 years old.